Types of Isolation

Maybe I should add a new post category that’s something like “moments”. A lot of the work of writing is about optimizing your process to suit your unique mind, so maybe I need to tweak some things. I’m thinking about this now, in the middle of the night, because it’s lonely out here. I’m feeling

living six senses

every dying night compels me to rituals I suffocate the scene through the windows cut the power to my drivers and watch the light fade from the diodes I silence the speaker and blind the bulb laying low those tools of the skull as offerings to the second half of night but how could I

mail poem [edited]

you’ve always sent parcels of modern artifacts and I still wonder what brought on such a campaign of love as this parade of return addresses how did you package the passion and how did it stay so fresh? I guess that’s the romance of objects constant thoughtfulness that costs extra to ship and through the


I’ll get back to writing regularly very soon, but here’s my weekly vlog! I hope that you enjoy it, and that it tides you over while I write more stuff. Thank you for your continued interest in this site! I care about you. Check out my channel and you can see my face, should you

Date and Time

don’t you think the rain is late every day we stay afloat I wish it wouldn’t hesitate that it would drown us both come on a little strong and pull our trousers under it’s like the grumble of thunder it knows you’re really hoping for lightning when it doesn’t let fly nearby it knows you’re